Havaneser vom Paderauenland 

Befor your puppy moves in

Being a responsible breeder we wish for our puppies leaving us to have a wonderful, long and loving dog live with you. This reaches up to 15 years on average.

Therefore we would like to ask you, to give some thoughts to the following, before your new family member moves in with you.

One of the most important aspects:
Have all family members agreed to your new future family member?

Look at your lifestyle:
Have you got the time to look after a puppy and later an adult dog?
An adult dog should not be left alone longer than 5 hours. A puppy should not be left alone at all in the first 6 months. It must slowly be trained to get used to being alone at home.

Are you ready to go out for daily walks in all weathers?

Are you ready to adjust your holiday plans to your dog respectively are you sure that your dog is looked after well during your holiday?

The grooming:
A Havanese must be groomed regularly. A puppy should be brushed and combed daily to get used to it. With an adult Havanese normally once or twice a week is enough.

A dog also causes costs. To only mention here the yearly vaccinations, preventive care (ticks and flea protection), regular deworming, dog tax, third party liability, possible health insurance and of course not to forget the costs for food.

Your living situation:
A dog needs no villa with garden for a happy and fulfilled dog live. It is happy with a small flat, too, with species-appropriate husbandry.
But does your landlord understand that, too?

Please check this aspect urgently before.
As you probably noticed, we care a lot about the well-being of our dogs. Therefore we also have expectations from the future puppy buyers. But especially the above said aspects should be mentioned.

If your heart and your mind say yes, we are looking forward to your request.